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Industrieofenbau GmbH

Sudfeldstr. 31
58093 Hagen, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 23 31 / 57 0 87-00
Fax: +49 (0) 23 31 / 57 0 87-99


Industrial furnace technology

Car bottom furnaces

SCHLAGER car bottom furnaces are robust and reliable systems, favoured in forging works as well as for use in the heat treatment of high-quality products. We manufacture the most modern car bottom furnaces for charge-weights from 5,000 kgs to 250,000 kgs of payload weight and operating temperatures between 100°C and 1,380°C.

We have developed individual solutions for the aerospace industry to guarantee the highest temperature-uniformity and processing reliability.
Our products are distinguished by our effective sealing systems which reliably seal the furnace and the doors from the surrounding atmosphere.
Heating is achieved using high-speed or flat-flame burners that ensure an economical,  resource-conserving heating of the payload. The exhaust gas energy is returned to the process through effective heat exchangers.

We use the most modern recuperative and regenerative heating systems.

At low process temperatures the furnace installations are equipped with an effective atmosphere circulation to raise the heat transfer rates as well as temperature uniformity.