Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Industrial furnaces – Made in Germany

SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau is a leading, internationally active specialist in industrial furnace and in thermoprocessing technology for numerous applications in the steel and aluminum industry as well as for the aerospace industry.



founded as a "garage company"
by Wolfgang Schlager

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Construction of the office and warehouse building at
Sudfeldstraße 31
58093 Hagen, Germany

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Stefan Schlager becomes CEO

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Addition of a second, enlarged production hall

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Acquisition of ZERUST GmbH Automation technology

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Patent on proprietary development of high-performance quenching technology

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


European turnkey project in Poland

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


International turnkey project in India

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Major turnkey project of a fully automatic heat treatment plant

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


In-house development of a spray quenching system

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Zerust GmbH is fully integrated into Schlager GmbH

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Construction of the world's largest certified NORSOK furnace

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Integration into the internationally active Electrotherm Group as an independent business unit

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


Thomas J. Hüttenhein joined the company as a further CEO.

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Highest engineering know-how. Made in Germany

For many years, we have been setting standards with our competent team - from consulting and design to the manufacture and commissioning of complex industrial furnaces. The entire value chain, including the complete automation technology, is available from SCHLAGER from a single source.

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Your competent contact - even after commissioning

For all plant maintenance, as well as for repairs or malfunctions, our technical team is at your disposal and ensures fast and reliable processing.

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Electrotherm Industry is a global leader in turnkey thermal solutions.


SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau –

2003 Spain - Chamber furnace with thermal afterburning

2010 Poland - Overhead & roller hearth furnaces, quenching thenology, control & visualization, AMS

2010 South Africa - Bogie hearth furnace, 40 tons batch weight

2011 India - 5 bogie hearth furnaces & 2 quenching tanks, 120 tons batch weight, NORSOK

2013 China - Roller Hearth Furnaces with shielding gas injection

2014 India - Complete heat treatment line, NORSOK

2016 USA - Automation of a heat treatment line

2010 China - Chamber furnaces, AMS 2750E

2018 Czech Republic - Automation of a heat treatment line

2019 Slowakia - Automation of a heat treatment line

2019 Mexico - Automation of a heat treatment line

2021 Italia - Rotary hearth furnaces

2021 China - Automation of a heat treatment line

2021 China - Fully automatic hight-speed manipulator, charging for 23 furnaces

2023 Mexiko - Heat treatment line, 3 drop-bottom furnaces, quenching tank & loading car

Company SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


We set standards.
We have dedicated ourselves to this motto. Thermoprocessing plants is subjected to extreme demands in the steel and heat treatment industry. Uncompromising quality is essential. The higher your demands on us, the greater our ambition to exceed your expectations. Qualified employees implement your wishes precisely and on schedule using state-of-the-art technology. Even with complex requirements, we realize an individual solution tailored to your needs. You can expect reliable and flexible delivery performance, economical solutions and sound technical advice from a medium-sized specialist.

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