Plants SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


tailored to your products and requirements.

Our range of services includes many types of industrial furnaces designed and built to meet your requirements. From many years‘ experience and our own development, we know what is important in the design of thermoprocessing plants. Our technical solutions start with your requirements, as well as a detailed advice regarding the optimal design of the furnace plant and in the all-round fulfillment of your demands culminate after construction, fabrication, assembly and commissioning.

We develop individual solutions to ensure the highest temperature accuracy and process reliability. We will be pleased to supply you a turnkey industrial furnace plant, including all the necessary applications.

From planning about development and manufacturing to commissioning and the necessary maintenance: At SCHLAGER you get everything from one supplier.

Our qualified employees will be happy to advise you with about all furnace parameters such as the required operating temperature, gas and energy consumption.

Plants SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Steel Industry


Heat Treatment

Forging industry


Our plants are individually tailored to your needs and requirements. We consider the industry-specific characteristics of the aerospace, forging-, steel-, heat treatment- and aluminum industries in our plants and services.

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