Plant optimisation SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Plant optimisation


Most of the time, the old plants still deliver the required results, yet often no attention is paid to further optimization of the operational management due to a lack of capacity. Taking into account the aspects of reliability, efficiency and environmental compatibility, our experts subject existing plants to an analysis and identify potential for improvement.

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Plant optimisation SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH
Plant optimisation SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Your path to energy efficiency!

Save energy and emissions! Energy savings of 30-60% are economically achievable with many old systems, this means amortisation periods of 1-3 years.

  • Step 1: Recording the actual status
  • Step 2: Exhaust gas analysis & burner settings
  • Step 3: Periodical service
  • Step 4: Checking the sealing systems
  • Step 5: Review of the control systems
  • Step 6: Modernisation of the existing plant

"Are my existing plants working as efficiently as they can?"

Our experts record the actual condition of your system and determine the need for action based on a thermographic analysis. In a detailed report you will see your savings potential. We advise you expertly and individually adapted to your plant.

The next step to efficient and low-emission gas-fired heating is expertly adjusted burners.

The flue gas analysis shows the proportion of pollutants and residual oxygen in the flue gas. To comply with the limit values for pollutant emissions and to optimise combustion, regular flue gas analysis and adjustment of the burner settings are necessary.

Regular servicing ensures that your system runs efficiently and trouble-free over the long term.

During maintenance, burners are repaired and adjusted, repairs are carried out and system damage is detected at an early stage. Damage in need of repair can not only cause further, ever-increasing damage, but also cost energy. This makes it all the more important to detect and repair them at an early stage.

The main cause of energy losses are leaks and defective oven pressure controls.

SCHLAGER has proven techniques for sealing doors and hearth carriages that can also be used as retrofit systems on existing installations. Retrofitting with modern sealing systems is easy to implement and has an incredible ROI.

By retrofitting modern measurement and control technology, it is possible to optimise the control of burners or flue gas routing in such a way that not only energy can be saved, but also significant improvements in temperature uniformity in the oven chamber can be achieved.

As a last step, an individual modernisation of the existing system can be done.

We check and evaluate for you the use of alternative burners, the flue gas system and any recuperators that may have been installed, and advise you on whether a conversion to electric heating is feasible.

Modernising the burner technology, insulation and control technology and adapting the flue gas system is the means to optimum efficiency.

Plant optimisation SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH
Plant optimisation SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Low effort - huge effect.

We optimise your system settings for you and optimise your energy savings. It is not necessary for you to purchase new systems for this purpose, because in most cases the old systems still fulfil all the necessary requirements and it is sufficient to adjust the settings.


    • Energy savings through optimized burner technology, control and insulation.
    • Reduction of energy losses.
    • Measurements and checks according to heat treatment specifications, such as AMS 2750 or NORSOK M 650 and ASTM A 991.
      • Energy-efficient plants optimize the production process and capacity utilization.
      • Environmentally friendly production enhances the image of the company and its products.


Plant optimisation SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Not yet found the right solution for you?

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