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SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau offers customized maintenance packages adapted to the individual conditions of your thermoprocessing plant. Whether it is a SCHLAGER plant or a plant from another manufacturer, your plant will receive individual maintenance that is precisely tailored to the respective requirements.

Our maintenance plan also offers you full flexibility: choose from a wide range of packages. From safety checks and inspections to proactive maintenance.

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Service SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH
Service SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH


In order to prevent malfunctions and avoid unplanned plant shutdowns and the associated production losses, we recommend that you have your plant serviced or inspected annually. A distinction is made here as follows:


The safety of your plant is the basis for safe cooperation between man and machine. Mechanical and electrical, as well as thermal hazards should be excluded. Furthermore, your equipment should be checked for possible sources of noise and hazards from materials and substances. A careful examination of the safety equipment of your plant by our trained and experienced personnel will ensure safe working conditions for your machine operators.

During a full maintenance by SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau, your entire thermoprocessing plant will be comprehensively checked for faults or defects, both for our equipment and for equipment from other manufacturers. An extensive damage analysis is followed by an individual consultation. Our maintenance services include burner maintenance, an inspection of the air and gas control system, a check of the mechanical and electrical systems and a calibration of the measuring system. We stock the common spare parts and materials in our own warehouse.

It is our goal to identify the main causes of machine failures and to prevent these problems in order to avoid longer plant downtime in advance. We fix problems before they occur. Because a planned downtime of your plant is better than an unplanned one. Existing data can be used as a basis for statistical evaluations. For example, wear patterns, anomalies and outliers should be detected.

After our service technicians have carried out a safety check or a complete maintenance on your system, they will take initial repair measures in consultation with you if repairs are required. If further steps are required, you will receive a professional recommendation from us. Our findings are documented and comprehensively evaluated so that you have a clear and precise overview of the status of your plant and can plan maintenance activities accordingly.

Service SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH
Service SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

We are there for you!

As a specialist in all aspects of furnace construction, we have been offering you numerous consulting and other services for more than 25 years. Unscheduled interruptions in the production process, as well as operational disturbances are quickly remedied by our qualified employees. We are at your side for all questions concerning plant construction.

– Our services at a glance

    • Energy savings through optimized burner technology, control and insulation.
    • The use of state-of-the-art recuperative burners, regenerative burners as well as split-flow burners guarantees maximum energy efficiency and minimum pollutant emissions.
    • Reduction of energy losses through repair and improvement of insulation.
    • Adaptation of the temperature accuracy to the current heat treatment regulations.
    • Measurements and checks according to heat treatment regulations, such as AMS 2750 or NORSOK M 650 and ASTM A 991.
    • Setpoint/actual value adjustment DIN EN 746-2 for thermoprocessing plants.
    • Extension and modernization of furnace control systems incl. process visualization.
    • Adjustment of the furnace size to the current needs (Enlargements / Reductions).
    • Increase of the production capacity.
    • Safety check of the existing installations.
    • Adaptation of existing furnace installations to current safety regulations.

In the event of a malfunction, you will receive immediate assistance; we stock the usual spare parts and materials in our own warehouse.

Our goal is your success: we know that you cannot afford long plant downtimes and have therefore optimally tailored our production, delivery and service to your requirements. Short response times, flexible delivery, and quick repairs minimize your unscheduled downtime.

Service SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau GmbH

Not yet found the right solution for you?

Feel free to contact us! We will make you an offer according to your individual requirements.



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